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Samrah Enterprises' Story of Success

Samrah Enterprises, a distinguished enterprise guided by the visionary leadership of Samrah Munsub, stands as a beacon of excellence in private labeling, brand marketing, and distribution. With a firm commitment to meeting the highest international standards in production, we proudly lead in the Frozen Cold Chain sector.


As a pioneering enterprise guided by a woman, Samrah Enterprises champions innovation and quality with a touch of testament to the empowerment of women in the business landscape. With a diverse clientele of over 200+ and a strong presence in major Retail/HoReCa clients across 20+ cities in Pakistan, we are dedicated to shaping the future of distribution and brand marketing.

We take immense pride in announcing that our private label, Fresh St., has expanded borders and is now available in 5 countries, with plans for further expansion. Our global footprint shows our commitment to delivering the best quality products. We strive to resonate with international quality that delights our customers globally. We always showcase the strength and capability of a women-guided enterprise on a global stage.

our mission

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Our Vision

To become one of the pioneer private labelling service and distribution company in Pakistan.